Choice Windscreen Repairs Mackay


Windscreen Repairs & Window tinting in Mackay

The window technicians at Choice Windscreen Repairs Mackay are windscreen damage repair specialists. We also offer a professional window tinting service at affordable prices. All of our work is provided with quality you can count on.


We are Mackay's windscreen repair professionals. All our repairs conform to Australian Standards for repairing laminated windscreens. Our system produces a permanent non-weathering repair that will reinstate the strength of your windscreen and restore optical clarity. Cracked or chipped glass compromises the safety of your car windscreen and should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the glass. Damaged windscreens are also a safety hazard and increase the chances of an accident through reduced visibility and increased distraction.

It's also more economical to repair your windscreen than replace it. Over 70% of damaged windscreens are repairable and with automotive glass being non-recyclable, by repairing your windscreen you will help the environment, as well as save money. We offer windscreen repairs at affordable prices, bringing you peace of mind at a reasonable cost.


Window tinting is the process of applying film to windows to darken the appearance and assist in the reduction of sunlight and heat entering the vehicle or home. It also offers increased privacy by reducing the visibility from outside. We use MEP films by Llumar and Solarmaster Window Films, quality products and leading technologically advanced films available within the window tinting market.

The benefits of window tinting include:

  • Reduction of sunlight entering the vehicle or property
  • Reduction of sun glare
  • Aids in temperature control within the vehicle, reducing the air conditioning work load, meaning less cost at the bowser
  • Protection of your car's interior from sun damage
  • Skin protection from harmful UV rays, offering various levels of SPF protection
  • Overall improved comfort from heat & sun glare

We also offer window tinting for cars, trucks, tractors, caravans, homes and offices. For further information on films we use please call us. Product information can be found at and


Windscreen damage is more than likely to occur at an inconvenient time and place. That's why we offer a convenient mobile service in and around Mackay. We can come to you and assist you on the spot meaning you don't need to drive around with a hazardous windscreen that may put you in danger while on the road. By treating the damage to the windscreen immediately, and depending on the severity of the damage, you reduce the chance of needing a full windscreen replacement. Our system is designed to produce a permanent non-weathering repair, restore the strength of the windscreen and reinstate optical clarity. Your car is safe to drive immediately after it has been repaired meaning you get back on the road faster and with less inconvenience.

We also offer a mobile service on our window tinting at no extra charge. Get in contact with Choice Windscreen Repairs Mackay today.